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UNLOCK the secrets to liberation by downloading and reading two complimentary chapters (below) from the book Too Cool To LOVE (“PURGE” & “STATE OF EMERGENCY”).

These exclusive excerpts offer practical guidance and a step-by-step roadmap to help you understand how to either FORTIFY (strengthen), or PURGE (remove) the toxic relationships in your life.

You will also be given access to 3 free pre-filled relationship notices.


This is a 30 day warning letter. This (pre-filled) letter can be used to notify anyone who is causing you heartache or any level of pain (heartbreak).

This letter will help you to list the infractions and unacceptable behaviors of the relationship. The letter also notifies the offender that if corrective actions are not taken within 30 days, they face being DELETED (removed) from your life with no access to any type of relationship with you whatsoever.


This is the formal, its over letter. This (pre-filled) letter is used when the offender was notified by the 30 day notice, and simply ignored your request to address, or remedy the allegations. Therefore, you are formally notifying this person, that you have canceled your partnership contract with them and that they are to never contact you again, ever. And that your decision is FINAL.


Since all relationship partners are not bad apples, those that are getting it right deserve to be rewarded.

The award letter is an official, and fun way to notify your partner of how awesome they are, and that they have a choice to redeem various types of rewards from you. These awards are created by you, and can include travel, adventure, romance, intimacy and whatever else you can come up with. Use this (pre-filled) letter to express your gratitude, and to show your relationship partner how much you love and appreciate them.

Both chapters, and the pre-filled relationship notices (templates), are being given to you as a starter kit to your new toolbox, which includes the blueprint for asserting your boundaries, reclaiming your freedom, or expressing your love and gratitude.

~Protect Yourself At All Times